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Proven Success: 97% parent satisfaction rate; 5-star community rating, high academic performance

The fundamental goal of school choice is to give parents more control over and more involvement in their child's education, while allowing them to pursue the most appropriate learning environment. Entrusting a school with the care and education of your child is an extremely important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider when selecting a program and finding the right match is crucial to the overall development of your child.

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A Well-Rounded Education Looks Beyond the ABCs and Focuses on the Student

For students to be successful beyond the classroom, a well-rounded higher level of education must recognize and emphasize that students’ social, academic, developmental, interpersonal and experiential lives are entwined. KCCs daily pursuit to move from traditional education to transformational learning means that the “whole individual student” has to be developed so as to prepare him- or her as a thinker and contributing citizen.... for a challenging world and to question and affirm or change what she or he believes...

Individualized Development and Educational Profile Plans

While many schools promote the use of "individualized learning plans," KCC utilizes the Multiple Development Assessment Scales for Kids (MIDAS™) to obtain a rich and descriptive understanding of a student's unique intelligences profile to create its trademarked MI-inspired IDEPPs (Individualized Development and Educational Profile Plans). The MIDAS and IDEPPS serve as the BEGINNING of a dialogue that maximizes motivation, focuses efforts and identifies the most effective instructional approach...

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Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

KCC is based on Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intellegences.  See what Dr. Gardner has to say about the approach to learning.

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